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I came home Tuesday night and I went into my room to take out one of my two “female” hamsters and with her came three baby hamsters! This totally freaked me out!!!! Two months prior to that night I bought two dwarf hamsters at Petco which I was told were both girls. I was also told it was ok to put them in the same cage, so I did. I had caught one of the hamsters, houdini (who I have now concluded is a male) , humping my other hamster, Bunny, but didn’t think too much of it. I know this was stupid of me but for some reason I thought of it as rough housing instead of sex.

I now have six small babies with their mother in one cage and the father all alone in another because I caught Houdini humping Bunny just about an hour after she gave birth. I have already found homes for three and I am considering keeping one but I still need good homes for two more.

To my suprise, Bunny has not eaten the two that I accidently touched. ( I read they eat their young if human scent is on them) I can’t wait to see how cute they are!!!! But I am still totally pissed 😈 at Petco!!!!!!!!!!:(

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