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TO NINA (My Cuz): Hey cuz!!! Yeah Billy had an awesome 2nd birthday!! I can’t believe he is already freakin 4!!!! His party was soo noisy! Our neighbors were talking about it for the two days following. We all miss you here and can’t wait to see you in about a year on our vacation. Love ya!

TO ALEX: I know you hate that picture and that story but since your my neighbor and friend I just had to embarrass you on the world wide web. 🙂

TO BREANNA: Breanna, I hope I have done your comment justice. See if you can view the stories now. I hope what I have done worked.

TO GERRY: I am glad that you enjoy most of the same shows that I do. Maybe you could send me a list of all your favs and we could compare lists. ~lol~ Hope you visit the site some more because my favs are rapidly changing.

TO ALL THOSE THAT ASKED ABOUT THE DEFINITION OF BLACKIDOF: To those that are wondering, Blackidof is just a random word that I made up that means hello goodbye and, if in bold, I hate you.

TO HUGO GELCH: I think gargarootie is a pretty cool word. In my opinion, it is way more catchier than Blackidof. Maybe I’ll use it in one of my posts; just keep coming back and I promise you I will have it my next post.I SWEAR.

TO HUGO GELCH: Your cat having kittens is amazing. I hope they looked better than my ugly, pink, hairless, and see-through baby hamsters who are now, by the way, grownup (7 weeeks lol) hairy, soft, jumpy, and cute. I respect your decision to change your name (not legally…. yet) to be unique. I hope that your bar goes well if you go through with it and remember: “IF YOU HAVE TO BELCH, BELCH GELCH”

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