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Ok, I’ve heard that my generation isn’t the smartest out of the bunch but why the hell are most of today’s youth so freakin sex crazy? I don’t understand. “Why are you asking yourself this?” you may ask. Well this sudden spark of curiosity was presented when I was informed that two high school freshmen were having sex in the dugout behind our school. WTF? I mean maybe it wouldn’t be quite such a big deal if they were seniors or maybe even juniors but FRESHMEN! Again WTFx2! What’s even more disturbing is that I knew these people. They just didn’t seem the type to be having sex at school.  I’m not gonna control their lives; If they were gonna have sex they’re gonna have sex no matter what anybody says but if they were gonna do it they should have done it at their own house. But anyways they got suspended but we don’t know for how long…..yet. High school is definetly NOT the place for secret secrets. I don’t no if I could go back to school after that incident . Oh well. I don’t mean to sound mean but I didn’t even like her or him but I certainly wouldn’t wish this kind of humiliation upon even the worst of my enemies. Maybe I’ll see them back at school in a few days…..or not. No one will no until that day arrives.

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Posted in School by Dysfunctional Rambler on February 25th, 2009 at 9:39 pm.

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