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Worst School Incident EVER!

About a year ago at lunchtime at school, I was walking to our lunch table with my plate of raviolis. My day was going pretty well. I scored a hundred on my math test, made a blackout on my reading bingo card and had made a home run in mat ball in gym class.


As I made my way through the many students who were anxiously awaiting their meal I approached our table. I was a little late for lunch that day because I had to make a pit stop at my locker, so our table was pretty full. My best friend was sitting at the end of the table blowing on her “crack an egg on the sidewalk” hot raviolis. I asked her to please scoot over. Well apparently I didn’t wait long enough for the message to reach the rest of the table so when I sat down my weight shifted to one side and the raviolis and I went tumbling to the ground! My clothes nearly escaped a disastrous red stained death. My shoes, however, were not that lucky. My beautiful white Adidas’s were no more. Instead their appearance had transformed into red hot sloppy generic brand shoes.


Of course the big bang show had attracted many viewers and it seemed like they enjoyed my performance because snickering began to fill the room. I should have won an Oscar! Since I am not one to dwell over a situation I began to burst into laughter and not short after my friends chimed in too. Although many people would have interpreted that as bad luck I thought, in it’s own special way,it as being a good thing, at least I got a good laugh. It was my own demonstration that no one is perfect.

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