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Rags to Unhappy Riches Preface


Cancer. What an atrocious disease. Rotting my insides each and every day. I know I am going to die soon because Hospice has already tried to step in. What a horrible feeling, knowing your gonna die that is. Honestly, as I look back on my fifty-seven year stay on this Earth, I have many regrets. Going from rags to riches should have been a wonderful thing; No regrets,No “what ifs”, No could- have- beens, No turning back wishing that I would have stayed in poverty. Unfortunately that is not how my life turned out. Maybe that is why God has only allowed me to stay on this Earth for a measly fifty-seven years. Maybe I have learned my life lesson in only about half the time it takes “regular” people to figure it out. But then why do I have so many regrets? Why am I finally realizing this fact on my death bed with tubes all shoved up my nose? I feel “normal” although I did not necessarily live a “normal” life. But how do you know what “normal” really is? Truly, the word “normal” has its own definition and only you can be Mr. Webster.

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